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Supply Chain Staffing 

As the pandemic illustrated, the global supply chain is fragile and easily disrupted or broken. If you operate within the supply chain, you can't afford costly delays, no matter the cause. Fortunately, RiteFit Staffing is here to help you find top talent for every aspect of your business, no matter where you fit within the chain. 

We have decades of experience recruiting supply chain specialists, from analysts and management positions to transportation workers. We understand the challenges these kinds of businesses face, which is why we're so successful at recruiting the best individuals within each sector. If you're ready to build a stronger supply chain, contact us to find out how we can help. 


Supply Chain Sectors We Serve

The supply chain can be divided into four categories: planning, production, sourcing, and transportation. Each of these categories has different jobs within it, and we can assist you with filling any and all of these positions as needed. Here's a breakdown of the types of jobs we can help you fill: 

Planning Jobs

Supply chain planners are essential for ensuring that your business runs as smoothly as possible. These positions are responsible for connecting the different components of your business so they work together harmoniously. For example, a material planner helps source the right materials for manufacturing while keeping costs down. 

Planners are also responsible for managing inventory and working with the manufacturing side of the chain to ensure that the right number of materials get to where they need to be with no waste or redundancies. Because of the complex nature of these positions, you need experienced people who know how the supply chain works and can streamline your operations accordingly. 

Production Jobs

Production can encompass various aspects of the supply chain, including manufacturing and distribution. Positions within this field include warehouse directors, operations managers, manufacturing technicians, and much more. You may also have to find more low-level employees, including pickers, packers, and forklift drivers. 

Since everyone within the production field is essential, you can't afford to hire low-quality people. Everyone has to work together as a cohesive team, from those who pack the orders to those who run the warehouse. If there's one weak link in the chain, the whole operation will suffer as a result. 
While some of these positions are entry-level, many of them require specialized training and skills. We can help you find highly qualified candidates who can do everything quickly and reliably so your business has a stronger foundation. From finding more efficient ways to run a warehouse to knowing how to leverage automation, these workers can push your business into a profitable and growth-minded future. 

Sourcing Jobs

The supply chain starts with raw materials, which are shipped to processing plants and turned into usable items for manufacturing and resale. As the world becomes more globalized, businesses must source from different parts of the planet to help cut costs and ensure reliable results. 
These positions can include procurement managers, who are responsible for finding and managing supply sources for the business. If the supply of raw materials slows down or becomes too costly, these employees have to be able to find new sources to keep your operation running as smoothly as possible. 

As with other supply chain administrative jobs, those within the sourcing sector must have applicable experience and insight into the industry. The best candidates are those who can build long-lasting relationships with suppliers and vendors to strengthen your position within the chain. In this industry, costs aren't the only factor to consider - personal connections matter just as much. 

Thankfully, we can help you find these rockstar candidates who can manage your current sourcing network, expand it, and make it run more efficiently. Your business thrives when every aspect of the supply chain works as smoothly as possible. 

Transportation Jobs

This field can be one of the trickiest to manage because there are so many moving parts. Plus, as demand for products only increases, transportation professionals must be as productive as possible. Unfortunately, there's only so fast trucks and ships can go, so there are limited options when it comes to boosting productivity. 

Transportation professionals can include drivers, boat operators, longshoremen, logistics planners, and more. This field can also encompass various secondary elements, such as fueling and fleet maintenance, customer service, route planning, etc. Each job position is valuable, particularly as driver shortages put more pressure on businesses within this space. 

Experienced and qualified transportation specialists can be hard to come by, but we know how to source them from a wide field of candidates. Regardless of your business's limitations, we'll work hard to fill empty positions to ensure that your company thrives both now and into the future. 

Why RiteFit Staffing? 

Most other staffing agencies take a hands-off approach to finding skilled workers within the supply chain. Unfortunately, job listings and automated resume programs can only go so far. At RiteFit Staffing, we take a personalized approach to help you fill the positions within your organization. 

Simply put, we'll work with you to assess your needs and come up with an action plan to recruit top talent. We'll work with you every step of the way so you can put more attention on vetting qualified candidates and serving your clients, not fielding emails or reading through resumes. 

We have decades of experience in finding and recruiting talented workers across the supply chain, and we'll bring that expertise to your job search goals. Whether you're an established business trying to expand your operations or a startup that needs people to build a strong foundation, our team is here to help. We invite you to contact us and experience the RiteFit Staffing difference for yourself.

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