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Logistics Staffing

Logistics Staffing for the Modern Warehouse

The shipping and logistics industry has always been adaptable and forward-thinking. With demand for goods and raw materials always sky-high and a global marketplace of buyers and sellers, logistics has never been more vital.

However, the modern supply chain is only as good as its weakest link, so companies of all shapes and sizes within the chain need reliable people to fill various positions. Whether it's pickers to load boxes for shipping or warehouse managers to oversee productivity, RiteFit Staffing can connect companies with superstar employees.

The logistics industry is complex and full of moving parts, so it's imperative that your business can find qualified workers who can fit in with your team seamlessly. While some training is inevitable, your operations work best when you can get the best talent around. At RiteFit Staffing, we take pride in our recruitment process and can help with staffing issues and shortages across the board.

Which Industries Benefit from Logistics Staffing?

With various suppliers and vendors along the supply chain, many individual businesses can benefit from logistics staffing from RiteFit Staffing. Some of our top employers include:


Turning raw materials into usable products or components requires a lot of skill and experience. Machine operators, managers, and inventory specialists can help manufacturing businesses keep up with demand. Even as technology becomes more adept at a growing number of manufacturing positions, companies still need high-quality individuals to keep their operations in excellent condition.

Best of all, RiteFit Staffing can help fill open positions across the manufacturing spectrum. From sourcing raw materials to distributing finished products to clients within the chain, our staffing recruiters can help you fill every position quickly.


Warehouses are busy places with many moving parts and opportunities for setbacks and failures. With demand at an all-time high, distribution businesses can't afford to be short-staffed, particularly when the busy season comes around.

Distribution staffing can help fill in gaps to help your current staff meet deadlines and stay organized. Small mistakes can lead to major headaches later on, so your warehouse must be a well-oiled machine. From packers to forklift operators to warehouse managers, our recruiters can help you get the best team possible for your budget.

Shipping and Transportation

It's hard to believe how many tons of raw materials and finished products move around the country daily. Millions of items are being shipped from one corner of the globe to right next door, passing through countless hands along the way.

Shipping and transportation jobs are essential for making the supply chain work, but they can also come with significant challenges. These logistics jobs can be the hardest to fill, even though they're often the most critical.

Our recruiting team knows how to seek top talent within this field so you can stay on top of orders and meet deadlines without delays. We can also help you discover individuals who care about the job as much as you do. When every mile counts, you need the best people.

The RiteFit Advantage

Working with a professional staffing agency like RiteFit Staffing makes sense for several reasons, including:


  • Save Time - Rather than conducting your own searches and following up with candidates, we can handle the details for you. This way, you just have to meet with highly qualified candidates.


  • Get Better Employees - We understand the challenges that workers and companies can face within this industry. So, we screen individuals we know won't be a good fit for your needs. When you only work with the best, you can feel confident that your business will thrive.


  • Utilize Custom Staffing Solutions - You may need extra staff during the holidays and a skeleton crew for the rest of the year. Adapting to these changing requirements can be quite a headache if you're unprepared. We can help you staff according to the ebbs and flows of the industry, so you're always one step ahead.


  • Get Assistance with Staffing - Hiring logistics workers is much different today than in years past. Because we're always connected to the pulse of the industry, we know what it takes to find and retain the best people. We can provide this valuable insight as we deliver qualified recruits to your door.

Which Logistics Roles Can We Help Fill?

Because the supply chain is so long and complicated, countless positions need top-tier talent. While RiteFit Staffing is committed to providing the best people regardless of your needs, here are the most common positions we focus on.


  • Forklift Operators - Moving pallets is essential for a high-functioning warehouse. Forklift accidents can cause lengthy lawsuits, product destruction, and expensive delays. So, you need highly trained operators to keep everyone safe and productive.


  • Picker/Packer - As a front-line position, it's hard to find enough packers to meet demand, particularly during the busy season. We can help you source talent quickly so your business is always ready to adapt.


  • Machine Operators - Heavy machinery requires specialized knowledge and skills, so you need experienced professionals to operate these devices. We know how to find skilled candidates who seamlessly fit into your operations.


  • Inventory Specialist - Managing inventory is a full-time job, especially when moving many products or materials. Inventory specialists and managers can keep your warehouse running at full capacity with few shortages or delays.


  • Managers - Warehouse managers are critical for your company's success because they need to know how to move people and equipment around to maximize productivity. We can help you find managers that will strengthen your bottom line while also helping retain the best workers.

If you're struggling to fill logistics positions, let RiteFit Staffing help. Contact us today to learn more about our recruiting process and how we can help your company thrive.

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