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Finance Staffing

Build and Grow Your Business with Finance Staffing Solutions!

The financial sector is huge and constantly growing. Because of its high demand, there is always a massive need for talented people to fill positions at companies within the industry. 

Fortunately, RiteFit Staffing is well-versed in helping you find, employ, and retain these workers so you can maintain your bottom line and experience rapid growth and success over the long term. 
If you've been struggling to find talented folks for your finance business, let RiteFit Staffing help!

Types of Finance Jobs We Help Fill

This industry covers a wide array of different types of jobs and positions, each of which is necessary for your company to thrive. The main finance jobs we help staff include: 

Business/Corporate Financing

Managing the accounts and bookkeeping of a single business can be overwhelming, particularly when you have multiple locations and offices. Corporate financing specialists are critical because they ensure your brand is always on the right path toward fiscal solvency and responsibility. 

Since corporations often have to worry more about regulatory issues and oversight, finance employees must be well-versed in all aspects of the job. 

Even if you're a small business looking to grow, a business finance specialist can help you figure out your details, like profit and loss statements, asset liquidity, etc. 

Financial Planning and Advising

Do you run a financial planning firm and want to scale your business? You will need highly skilled planners to work with and wow your clients with their skills. This position requires more personality and people skills since employees will deal directly with clients. 

It's also imperative that any new planners or advisors you hire can utilize the tools and approaches you've crafted already. Consistency is crucial for success when scaling, so you need to find people who will fit into your business culture seamlessly. 


Banks have always been the financial backbone of the economy, and there are so many positions within a bank to fill. Loan officers, mortgage officers, tellers, managers, assistants - everyone at the bank is necessary to keep it running smoothly. 

Most banks are also great places where employees can build long-term careers. So, finding motivated individuals who want to grow and thrive within your company is imperative. They may start as a teller today but then grow into a loan or management position down the road. Even sales and marketing positions can help the branch expand its customer base and tap into new markets. 

Accounting and Bookkeeping

While a business financial specialist can focus on different aspects of running a business, an accountant is there to manage the books and help with taxes. Smaller businesses need rockstar employees who can handle various tasks quickly and efficiently without any important details falling through the cracks. 

For larger companies, accountants typically have one area of focus, such as accounts receivable or payable. In this case, having workers with specialized experience who fit well into a corporate environment is a must. Again, each piece of the workforce is essential, so it's imperative that everyone knows their role intimately and can work well within that kind of structure. 

Alternatively, you may run an accounting firm that works with all kinds of clients, both big and small. In this case, you may need employees who are well-versed in working with multiple clients and staying personable and professional during each interaction. These accountants must also be highly detailed and organized to stay on top of workloads for multiple accounts. 

Stocks and Investment

The stock market is a complicated system that requires intimate knowledge of a wide variety of details to know how to use it. Investment brokers, analysts, and risk managers can all help a firm make the right decisions for itself and its clients. As with banking, these workers usually grow within the company, so you want talented people who can learn and adapt and become practically indispensable. 


Insurance is a crucial industry that helps protect individuals, businesses, and properties from financial ruin. However, unlike other financial positions mostly dealing with money, insurance employees must also know how the system works. Because insurance companies are held to different standards and regulations, workers must stay on top of these rules to protect the company. 

Insurance is another long-term field where an individual could start as an assistant and move into a sales or management position within the company. You may need top-tier talent to run an entire department or be looking for entry-level agents hungry to learn more about the industry. 


Although cryptocurrency is still new and relatively volatile, it's expanding rapidly and always needs new talent to fill the rosters. Even established financial institutions are dabbling with crypto, so it pays to have workers who know how the technology works and how it can be implemented safely and securely. 

Benefits of Working with RiteFit Staffing

Finding high-quality workers can be a full-time job, especially if you need people with a specific skill set. RiteFit Staffing can be your ace in the hole and help you by sourcing employees from both traditional and creative channels and vetting them before they reach your hiring team. 

Some of the top benefits of working with RiteFit Staffing include: 


  • Personalized Attention - We know your needs are unique compared to any other financial company, so we don't take cookie-cutter approaches. 

  • Customized Staffing Options - Whether you're looking for entry-level people or executives, we can customize our search to fit your needs. 

  • Decades of Experience - We've been staffing a wide variety of industries, so we know what to look for and how to retain talent. 

Check Out Our Finance Staffing Solutions Today!

Don't get frustrated and burnt out by looking for people in all the wrong places. Let RiteFit Staffing take the hassle out of hiring, so you can focus more on what matters most - running your business!

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